I have released a version of the Solarized color theme for Eclipse. If you use Eclipse, you should know about Eclipse Color Themes. It’s great. You can easily install and switch between color themes for your editor windows without having to mess with those nasty Eclipse preference files.

Once you got it installed, you can go to the eclipsecolorthemes.org and get themes. If you search for “solarized dark (echosa)” you find the theme I created. I based it off of existing Solarized Dark themes which were incorrect in a few ways. I corrected the colors to match the original Solarized Dark. All you need to do to install and use it is download the color theme XML, import it from the Color Theme preferences area in Eclipse, and select it from the list of available themes.

If you like Solarized, you can now have it (properly) in Eclipse. If you’ve never used Solarized, give it a shot, or at least read about it at the official page. Here’s the link again for the lazy (like me).