Well, folks, you asked and I’m delivering! I’ve creating a page on EmacsWiki for jira-mode. There you will find information, instructions, and a link to the source code! Many thanks go to Dave Benjamin, who first wrote jira.el and has allowed me to improve it and, basically, take over the project code and wiki page.

A bit of a bad news, though. As stated in the known issues section of the wiki page, XMLRPC (which jira-mode uses) does not support all functions, for instance, resolving tickets or changing status. There is nothing I can do about this. Therefore, as long as jira-mode uses XMLRPC, these abilities will never be available.

However, many other functions are there, and are quite usable and just a keystroke away! I figure I spend more time working on tickets (i.e. creating, commenting, assigning, etc.) than closing them anyway, so jira-mode still has some use.

So, please, check it out and let me know what you think! If anyone wants to improve on it, let me know as I am definitely interested. Also, if anyone wants to convert jira-mode to use SOAP instead of XMLRPC, by all means do! Supposedly, Jira allows SOAP access to the functions that XMLRPC can not perform.