First off, so much for trying to have weekly posts. Sorry for slacking so bad. It’s a fail on my end. However, my lack of anything to post got me thinking. The reason I haven’t posted is because I haven’t really been doing anything that interesting, different, or in the spirit of learning and exploration as far as Emacs is concerned. I just haven’t been playing with it. Instead, I’ve found myself simply using it, mostly for work. No playing around, no trying out new elisp files or functions, no new customizing.

This has been good for me, though, as its helped remind me of something that I was definitely taking for granted and almost forgetting altogether: Emacs is a text editor. It’s so easy to get caught up in the fun of using Emacs as an email client, or a web browser, or a twitter client, or lots of other things and have the very base function of Emacs become overshadowed by all the extensions available.

Yes, Emacs can do lots of things (dare I say, almost anything). It even does a lot of these things extremely well (others, though, not so much). Let us not forget, though, that Emacs is, first and foremost, a really, really good text editor.