OK, so its not really a conundrum, so much as a simple question. Recently, I’ve found myself using emacs to program both on my MacBook at home, as well as my Gentoo Linux box at work. I’ve noticed that when I make changes to my .emacs file, add a .el file to my .emacs.d, etc. on one machine, I manually make the same changes to the other. This had made me begin thinking about putting my .emacs and .emacs.d into version control, probably either svn or git, though I’m open to others.

My question to you all is: should I just set up my own at home (on my <7MB cable connection) or are there any free version control services out there any of you would recommend? I want my data safe and secure, not shared unless I share it, and up when I need it to be.

Happy belated Thanksgiving (to all who celebrate it), and I hope the shoppers among you survive this Black Friday!