Well, I’ve put in quite a bit of time with zend-mode. Hopefully I’m getting close to a public release. For those who don’t know, zend-mode is a minor-mode for use with php-mode in emacs. Simple enough, right? O_o

Anyway, Zend Framework is a PHP framework that I have taken to using which incorporates a pretty strict but quite customizable MVC/templating system that just makes writing applications in PHP nicer, in my opinion. Of course, there’s a lot of duplication of efforts (e.g. creating classes, creating php-doc blocks, etc) when writing PHP apps, with or without Zend.

That’s why I began working on zend-mode. To make myself more productive, and boy have I succeeded. What started out as just a few elisp functions in a single file has turned into a suite of functions and customizable variables that make up what I now call zend-mode.

Don’t let the name fool you, though. While zend-mode is developed with Zend in mind, it can be used by any PHP developers as there are plenty of non-Zend-specific functions and abilities, including php lint, phpunit, and phpcs support.

Like I said, I hope to be coming out with a public release soon. I’ll most likely put it on Emacs Wiki. Also, I’m thinking that I may make a screencast soon basically showing zend-mode in action. Haven’t decided for sure, yet, so if it doesn’t happen don’t sue me. If it does happen, I’ll put it on my personal YouTube channel and link to it here.

P.S. shameless lulz@my own Holy Grail reference…