My emacs package for working with php has just undergone a significant change. It is no longer called zf-mode. Introducing: php+-mode!

PHP+-mode is just that. Its a mode for working with PHP files, plus other things (including some Zend Framework support [which is where it got its original name from]).

You can find it at If you already use zf-mode, I suggest deleting it and getting php+. However, bear in mind that there have been changes to the names of customized variables. Please update (or reset) these accordingly.

If you use zf-mode and got it from MELPA, bear with me. I have submitted a pull request to the MELPA GitHub with a new recipe for php+. Once that has been accepted, you’ll be able to download php+ from MELPA once again.

In other news, I have just discovered the awesomeness of snippets via yasnippet.el. This has opened a whole new world to me, and means some big changes to php+. I’ve already begun working on some major usage improvement using snippets that will make php+ a lot easier to use and, in my opinion, a lot more fun.

Stay tuned for more details on php+!

Finally, I learned about yasnippet from @EmacsRocks on Twitter. EmacsRocks puts out videos show casing some of the cool things you can do with emacs. I highly recommend you check them out; they’re typically only a couple minutes long.