While browsing through some posts in the Google+ Emacs community, I came across at least one post or comment where someone mentioned my php+-mode. While it pleases me whenever I hear of someone using something I wrote, it reminded me of just how derelict and forgotten php+-mode has become. Thus, this post. First, the apology. I apologize to everyone, especially the Emacs and PHP communities, for lapsing on development and maintenance of php+-mode. To generate so much hype and interest, so much so that people actually use and recommend the package, then just stop development all together is pretty inexcusable. I do have an excuse - a couple, actually. Back at the end of October I began a new job and no longer write PHP code daily. In fact, I hardly write PHP code at all. Therefore, I do not use php+-mode and just haven’t really thought about it. On top of that, between both my wife and I getting new jobs and some other life changes (on top of the past couple months of holidays), I haven’t had as much spare time as I used to, so personal hobbies, interests, and projects have suffered (not just php+-mode).

Next, the promise. I promise that one of two things will happen. I will either continue development and maintenance of php+-mode (more on this in a bit) or I will officially call the project derelict. If the latter, which is the least desired option, I will try to find someone to take over. At bare minimum I will leave the project where it in on GitHub and in MELPA so that people can still use it as is.

I’d much prefer the former option, however. I would like to see php+-mode grow, improve, and flourish, and I would very much enjoy being a part of that. Honestly, I miss working in elisp and would like to get back into it. That said, my time situation is still limited, at best, which brings me to my next point.

I’d like to officially put out a call for help. Any elisp devs who would like to work on php+-mode, please feel free to fork the project and submit pull requests. There are currently two developers of php+-mode, and we just don’t have the time to do it all.

So, there you have it, a state of php+-mode address. This project is important to me, and I think it is important for both the Emacs and PHP communities, especially the cross-section between. I’d just forgotten how important it was until now, and I hope that I can manifest that personal importance into code.