Last night, I released the first version of my first ever Pebble app: Etchist! Having recently purchased a Pebble, I couldn’t wait to write my first app and dust off my C chops. This is the result, and I’m pretty pleased with it, especially for version 1. I have some updates in mind, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to them. Until then, I offer this usable (and fun!) version to all.

I have to say that I’m really impressed with CloudPebble, Pebble’s online IDE. It makes getting into Pebble development very easy with very little overhead. The speed with which I was able to write, test, and deploy Etchist is largely a product of using CloudPebble. It is similar to the online IDE provided by DuckDuckHack for DuckDuckGo instant answer development. I’m really coming to appreciate these online, specialized, project specific IDEs. Being able to just login with an account and start coding, complete with the proper build and testing tools required, is invaluable. I’m curious to see how far this idea spreads. The Emacs guy in me is a bit put-off, but that guy can deal with it. ;-)

You can see the source for Etchist here on Github.

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